Visit East Village Barber and leave the care of your hair in expert hands

The personal image is one thing of great significance in daily life. Even though it is said or else, a man which looks better than another, in the sense that he seems to be more orderly, cleaner, a lot more professional, these characteristics will open a lot of doors, compared to other people who would not have half of the appearance. One of the things that complement this image could be the hair. However, knowing that you have a excellent person as well as that is not very good, is a continual work, tryout, and problem, which in the final will bring benefits for the one who implements this...

A hair cut in east village with teachers in the use of scissors

Allow yourself the pleasure and tranquility of enjoying a hair cut in east village, by the hand of barbers with more than 12 years of experience and permanently updated about the use of the best techniques and current trends in male courts

B & H is an East villagebarber shop that offers you the following plans:
• Haircut • Deep wash, massage, and haircut • Hair dye for men • Hair restructuring massage • Hot shaving appropriate for those who like the complete removal of the beard of his face, to convey an air of neatness and that is appropriate for men of any age. • Body shaving, both for the first time and maintenance • Facial massage, to relax the facial muscles and give extra care to the skin of your face • Modeling, cutting and maintenance of beard and mustache for the current man style Put yourself in the hands of people with exceptional skills in handling the scissors and the straight razor, sit in the chair of the barber with confidence, leave relaxed after your appointment.

If you are near our store and you need the services of a barber, you are welcome to enter, but if you are a little further away request your appointment via web and the selected day when you arrive in the East Village Barber will be available for you. Request an online appointment could not be easier, select the day, tilde the services you require, select your trusted professional or let us do it for you and ready you will have a day and a time reserved for you. Know the line of products that we have in our Barbershop and be encouraged to try them or if you prefer, consult the barber on the day of your appointment who will give you the advice you need in choosing the shampoo or conditioner adapted for your hair type or in the products indicated for the care of your beard.