Types of Gps trackers and the benefits/ drawback of it

Gps tracker was first launched by the GovernmentofUnited States. They invented it to improve the tracking system to help the militaries. Now we all are using the Gps tracker through our smart phone or the tracking device. The word GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The purpose of the invention is to locate and track the position. Gps tracker is a device which is a satellite based steering system. This system has some very good benefits but some disadvantages are also there. So here we will discuss about the types of the device and also about the advantage and drawback of it.

Variations of the device- Gps tracker devices come in various types. Some are useful for vehicles and some of them for personal use. So here we are giving you brief details of those types Vehicle tracking device- Gps tracker is usually used in automobiles to recognize their location and position. The different forms are a) Battery powered tracker b) Hardwired tracker c) Plug in Tracker Personal tracking device- This small tracking device is commonly used by travellers and raiders to share their situation in case of an emergency. Profits of Gps tracker- It can help us in our road trip by giving direction of the roads. Some of the devices have the neighbourhood search feature in it. By this we can track or locate any road or restaurant in our locality and may navigate from our current position. Many devices have the facilities to give information about the weather and the traffic. So it will help us to plan our move accordingly. Drawback of GPS- Sometimes due to the bad signal or poor internet connectivity, GPS becomes unable to provide proper directions. Also sometimes it provides inaccurate data and direction due to the changes of road names. Some of the criminal activities may also be operated through the Gps tracking system.