The World Of Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions come in different number of types, according to source, their quality, processing strategy, and other variables. The human hair that the extensions are created of comes from each of the corners of the world. The largest world-wide exporters of human hair are India and China. For the interest of simplicity, we recognize three major kinds of human hair found in making extensions: Indian, Chinese, and European.

Chinese hair extensions would be the most easy to find, and for that reason the least expensive alternative. Nevertheless, Chinese hair is thick and too rough to appear natural as extensions in Caucasian hair. Its stiff structure needs the hair before it could be utilized to be chemically treated. Having a rough structure that lacks radiance, it is left following the treatment, therefore it has to be coated with silicone to seem more appealing. This coating sadly washes off after several washes, leaving the hair dull looking from then on. Due to this fact, it will not dye well, and the colour isn't long lasting. The extensions generated from this sort are usually not too permanent. human hair wholesale presents an alternative that can provide you with a good value for money.

Natural, non- Indian hair that is processed is ideal for extensions. Discovered in various designs - straight, fine, moderate, thick, wavy or curled - this hair is healthy-looking, glossy and fine, similar in structure to the European. It may be styled and dyed without damage, it's simple to care for, and longlasting. "Virgin" hair is the one that was sourced from Indian Hindu temples in virgin states - which is, it hasn't been chemically treated, bleached or dyed. It is traded by girls in southern areas of India in temples for a token of good luck. Indian temple hair is healthy, powerful, thick, naturally of colour that is black. Occasionally this hair is bleached and then dyed another colour, yet this procedure weakens the hair, leaving it fragile and dry. Again, make it glossy silicone is utilized to coat the hair, and conceal the damage. Long, virgin hair is the priciest kind of Indian hair, as well as the highly desired.