The microjobs provides new hope to the young generation

Today the population is increasing and the number jobs are less as compared the population. People are becoming unemployed and are becoming hopeless in their life for them the microjobs are most preferable. The jobs are temporary and are through the internet. The job includes virtual assistant, nanny website design, writing blogs, handyman and so on. These jobs are also preferred by the students and the salary makes up their pocket money.

Present day technology and online micro jobs The world that consists of so many things looks smaller in the modern day. It is not that people or the animals and other things are running out of space rather with the use of technology one can reach anywhere. According to computations the world is becoming smaller and one is capable of controlling it with the computer from other sides of the world.

With the introduction of the online micro jobs people can easily perform a foreign job. He or she would not have to move to that place but through the online he or she can operate it. Thus the technologies are reducing the distances within the world and setting a particular goal for everyone.

Positives and negatives The jobs at home through the online can have both positives and negative sides. The positives of micro jobs online are as follows: • With such facility one can have his or hers own for completing the job. • One can provide better concentration to the work. • In such facilities one can have better meetings with the clients.

The negatives are as follows: • There is no availability of the insurance and neither one can expect any retirement from the job. • One get de motivated from the work easily.