The humble beginning and the amazing growth of Nintendo

Nintendo, the producer of 3ds emulator, are alert in mending any bugs that may arise to keep the software trouble free and efficient. It is user friendly; any child will be able to grasp its functions and features in minutes. New features are added on to keep the interest of the user aroused.

If we go back to the early stages of Nintendo, we will be amazed at the growth of the company and their ability to stay on top. Though the history begins in 1889, the real history starts in 1953. In 1889 Fusajiro Yamauchi kick started the would-be empire by producing Hanafuda Cards. It was very much like ordinary playing cards. Things began to take a drastic change in 1953 when the smart and efficient grandson Hiroshi took over the company. Introducing plastic cards for the first time, they attracted attention and gained popularity. His intelligence sought ways to improve on his business and soon understood that there was immense scope to introduce playing cards in different ways and for different purposes.

He soon entered in to a contract with Disney and started printing the popular Disney characters on his cards. This was a successful step as it brought in another class of audience, the younger community. Until then cards were used for gambling alone. Playing the new games the company invented became easier because Nintendo printed books to help new gamers. After some years, Nintendo saw the decline of their industry as the possibilities of playing cards reached a saturation level. People began to lose interest and their stocks fell resulting in debt. However in 1965 Gunpei Yokoi, the new manager invented an extending arm, which came to the notice of Hiroshi. He asked the manager to develop on it, and the venture was highly successful. Soon the interest of the company landed on video games, and after that they did not look back. The new and most popular 3DS emulator for playing Nintendo 3D games on PC is the new rage in the market today.