Standard clutch competition (embrayage competition) made to your specifications

High-level engineering to manage with full safety using the new verstärkte Kupplung (embrayage renforcé), we now have for you, we now have dedicated some time to qualified group of expert personnel with the aim of having the ability to provide self confidence in a item of the highest quality, using this type of presentation that It has much more strength throughout transmission and also reinforced balance.

The Clutch i465 Sachs (sachs embrayage) was developed contemplating that dangerous driver, which not only enjoys the auto sport but additionally knows his / her machine along with what suits your pet. When you decide to purchase the Clutch system Sachs (embrayage sachs), you should look at it as being an investment and that is because the useful life of each of our products is very guaranteed, your mechanical aspects such as the computer chip tuning that come to improve substantially your grip, and strengthening of the transmission. The design department of our own company confirms brands for example OE, FMEA that are responsible for controlling the standards along with confirming their excellence with regards to mass making, this allows us to be competitive in all areas. In the activity of racing the verstärkte Kupplung (embrayage renforcé) creates safety with your feet, since the exposed grip in circuits like the DMT and the like participation inspires us to carry on implementing knowledge and experience to appear in this prestigious a higher level competence, a great deal is so the Clutch Sachs (sachs embrayage) tend to be dynamic. At benefits that bring the actual verstärkte Kupplung (embrayage renforcé), is the high toughness, reinforced tranny, and more stable travel as outlined by your needs that can range from truck pilots as well as lovers regarding motor expertise. As for the installing our items is quickly and assured, we know that this sport requires it, and that we adapt flawlessly to the cut-throat spirit, our goal is always to win. A high level distributor or if you are interested in browsing us, we've several options that will permit you to expand your business.