Know the World richest athlete, comedian and rapper

Jackson is a NBA retired player as well as coach with estimated fortune of $50 million. In his total career he coached for many tournaments like Chicago bulls, New Jersey nets, Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks. He has played from 1967 to 1980 professionally he is a NBA player. He is famous for world best coach as compare to other countries coaches he has total 11 championships in his career no coaches has won this much championships for brief detail here people can visit. After some time he get 3 more championships as a Knicks player in 1973 and in 1970. In 2007 he was inducted in NBA fame hall.

World riches comedian is Tommy Chong with total fortune of $8 million. He is amazing popular for best actor, best comedian, and television producer as well as best director on it is given in brief. He dropped his high school studies for joining guitar classes so he joined classes of the shades. He was two times nominated for Grammy awards nominated for word best comedian in 1985. Acting is tough thing but comedy is much more because make laugh everybody is very hard to do but he have the magic his comedy is very fabulous that no one can’t stop laughing this ability makes him the riches comedian. Nowadays people are big fans of wrappers these wrappers are ruling many people’s heart.

But here the richest rapper talking about is Marcel Hall he get fame from his rapping’s in many albums popularly called as Biz markie stage name of Marcel, he is a beat boxer, American boxer, singer, comedian, DJ, commercial spokes person, and reality television personality. His own fortune is $2.5 million which he gets by performing such popular characters. Award list of Marcel is big he won 10 best rapper awardsvTotal income of Marcel given in detail on click here to get more information