Icloud hack or icloud activation lock: Now Make Your Phone More Protected

Icloud hack or icloud activation lock The icloud hack or icloud activation lock is helpful when your device has been lost or stolen. In this regard find my iPhone feature is very much useful. Whenever you activate this feature on your phone, your ID will be saved in the remote server. So if any one tries to turn off this feature the person will require your password in order to either erase or reactivate your device.

Find My IPhone set up process The following process can be helpful in order to set up the application: • At first start your home screen? • Now go to tap setting – Type your name- Then icloud. For the iOS users go to Settings – then cloud. • Then scroll down and then tap Find My IPhone icon. • Slide it to turn it on and sent your last location. • In the case of the sign in give your login id and password. So it is quite clear that icloud unlock involves Find My iPhone set up. Now it is important to turn off this application before giving it to anyone else. It is applicable when you are giving your phone for service purpose also. So first you just sign it out and delete all your personal information and remove your device from Apple account. You can try below mentioned process for the same: For the iOS users: • First, go to Tab setting – then enter your name- then type icloud. • Then scroll down to sign out. • Give your Id and password and press turn off. • Then again back to settings. • Then press General – then type reset – and finally delete all the contents as well as settings. Icloud bypass is a complicated process. It is possible that you forgot the password. In that case, you can contact to Apple service center.