How to reward your maid effectively

It is advisable that you do not give too many rewards to your maid; giving too many rewards to your (Indonesian Maid) 印傭 will make them get used to it. This leads to annoyance when the time comes, and there is not enough reward to give anymore. One must learn to minimize the rewards of his or her 女傭 (Housemaid). Child relationship with maids is something that makes many employer worried. While the maid is taking care of the child, the child might have gotten used to the maid than his or her parent, and this can lead to issues when the maid leaves later on. Parents that employ maid can curb this by making sure that during weekends when their work is less, they should spend more time with their children.

Another thing that employers should note is that the responsibility of teaching the kids should not be committed to maid form the 僱傭中心 (employment agency), this is because they were not trained for such kind of assignment. They can arrange the diet of your child, handle house work and do their normal routine, this is their main task and employers must make sure that they follow this assignment. It is part of a very good relationship skill for the employer to be able to relate with his or her maid beyond the scope of work. Since the activities of Indonesian maids cannot be separated from family life. Employers must make sure that they find out about what is making the maid perform slower on a particular day, and not just react as if the maid is useless, since the maid has been effective all the while. In rewarding the maid, there is need to follow the order of the needs of the maid, from food, to clothing, to shelter, to commendations like good, excellent, perfect and so on. The 僱傭 (domestic helper employment) involves payment, which will have to be made before any training or appointment can occur.