How to bet on First or Anytime Goalscorer markets

Players score goals in a football match most of the time. This does not matter whether the striker, midfielder, the defender or even the goalkeeper scores the goal. That is why football betting online has the First Goal Scorer or Anytime Goal Scorer markets. First Goalscorer market simply suggests that a punter is placing a bet on a player who will score the first goal of the match. The Anytime Goal Scorer market, on the other hand, enables a punter bet on a player who will score a goal at any given moment in the match. In this case, the final result of the match does not matter.

With football betting online on the First Goal Scorer, it is important to look for a player who has scored the first goal of over 50% of the team’s matches. It is also important to look at the opposition the player will be facing and whether the opposition concedes more goals in their matches. This should also be the case with the Anytime Goal Scorer market and the advantage of this market is that whether the player scores the first or the last goal of the match, you will still win the bet. The advantage with bola tangkas or football betting on these markets is that the odds offered by bookmakers are higher. Odds can range from 2.00 to 100.00,and it is just a matter of identifying the best player to win you the bet. You should, however, understand that if you had earlier placed a bet on a player to score the first goal or to score anytime and the player does not play the game the bet will be void. In other words, the bookmaker will return your stake amount because both you and the bookmaker did not have a chance to cash in on the player. Therefore, only place this bet if the player is available for selection. click here to get more information togel online.