How can you install magento extensions?

In this article, we are going to share some of the points on how one can easily do the downloading and installing the Magento Extensions. It is recommended by the experts in duplicating the live store on test site and tries to do the safe installation of it easily. Also, you can do the backup of the magneto file along with store database. It is essential for you to do the backup of the extensions and themes before doing an installation, while working on the live server. It is strongly suggested to you not to omitting the step. Continue on reading the post on installing the extensions easily.

Here are some of the steps on installing the extension- • Download SFTP client- You need to download SFTP client to make installing easier. • Download the package- After you have bought the package, go to the page of my downloadable product for downloading the package. You have to log in using the user name and login password. • Upload file- Now you have to upload the app folder to the folder of magento 2 extension root. • Run the command line- For completing an installation process, you need running an appropriate command. • Check out the results- Now checks the result in a frontend.
Some things to keep in mind while downloading it- • Never choose the site that is having all negative feedbacks from the clients regarding the installation of the programs. Even if there is single negative feedback, give importance to it also. • Download from a reliable link to avoid the uncertainties like getting the virus into the device and the destroying the smooth functionality of it. • No need to pay while downloading it. If you are asked to do so, skip it and switch to another one link for installing it. These are some of the steps on installing magento 2 extensions.