Fixing a Shower Head that Leaks

Before you can think about calling on an Oceanside Plumber or looking for a reliable Oceanside Plumbing Company to fix your shower head, you should consider getting the job done by yourself. It may be true that plumbing is generally something that is left to professionals however as a home owner, you can be able to fix some of the plumbing issues on your own. To be able to fix a shower head, you will need a number of items including a plumber’s joint compound tape and some strap or adjustable wrenches. A shower head usually has a number of problems that could happen to it including leaks.

In case of a leak, use the strap wrenches to unscrew the arm of the shower from the pipe. Go ahead to clean the arm threads and then use the plumber’s joint tape to wrap around the threads. Now screw back the shower head and make sure it is hand tightened. After you have done this, remove any extra compound tape that might be hanging around. This should be able to fix the leak in the shower head. By doing this, you will have saved yourself having to call upon an Oceanside Plumber who will ask you to pay a certain amount of money to have this otherwise simple problem fixed.

There are times when there is a leak at the swivel part of the shower head. To fix this, you will need to first unscrew the shower head from the swivel ball ring. Locate the O ring and have it replaced. This O ring is the ring that keeps the water from flowing out. After you have replaced it, go ahead and screw back the shower head. This should be able to fix the problem once and for all. In case the problem is more complex, you can then go ahead to look for professional Plumbing Oceanside services. click here to get more information atlanta plumbers.