Clash of Clans Tricks & Tips: 6 Defensive Strategies You Should Understand

At the moment, you likely understand all there's to know about the runaway hit Clash of Clans of Supercell. It is one of the most popular mobile games of the world and you are able to play with it on both iOS and Android apparatus. But just in case this is the first time to read about our clash of clans cheats tips and tricks, here's a really short backgrounder -- it is a city-building type game that enables you to train your own military, construct your own hamlet, join other players' Clans, and get the better of competition Clans in "heroic" Clan Wars. Now, that we are through giving you a simple description of the game or jogging your memory, let us move on to some defensive tips for Clash of Clans.

1. Encompass Your Garrison With Cannons Cannons are one of the simplest weapons you will have at your disposal in clash of clans cheats, and they are the first you will have to assemble in the game. They are simple and affordable to update, and are really underrated defensive weapons due to their rate of fire and range. Keeping that in mind, keep your garrison protected by as numerous cannons as potential. Some constructions, e.g. your Wizard Tower, would need to be protected more so than others.

 2. Using Archer Tower And The Hidden Tesla As the name suggests, your foes ca n't see the Hidden Tesla when strength is at 51 percent or higher, or until they are near it. This tower gets once your Town Hall is at Level 7 unlocked, and it is equally effective against air and ground units. Be sure to have one Hidden Tesla within your walls. As for the Archer Tower, it also can work equally well against air and earth units, and it's rather a long range. Put these towers outside your village and rather close your other units that are defensive. click here to get more information clash royale gem hack.