A History of Pillows

These soft cushions that make sleeping feel so good have existed since early cultures although people most likely do not wonder about the history of pillows. In Egypt, royals used them as well as in China decorated in the most complex designs. Everyone uses a pillow when they sleep now. The truth is, pillows make up 11% of all revenues related to beddings.

There are a number of pillows made with a myriad of fabrics. There's down the feathered, foam, and synthetic pillows.

A fabric sewn on the fabric or is subsequently filled with. A pillow case improves the character of the pillow. It's shifted from time to time to get a layout that was different or just to get it laundered.

Pillows, aside from assisting you to get a good total-nighttime rest, are made to provide support to the neck as well as the head. A pillow that is nicely constructed follows the natural curve of your face and neck when lying in your back. It shouldn't be too high or too low such that you get a stiff neck when you awaken.

Pillows not only support the head however you can find pillows that support the body as well as the trunk at the same time. Seat cushions provide support back as well as the long distance of body pillows support the head all the way down to the legs.

There are pillows which are well suited for traveling also. These traveling pillows are formed in a "U" shape so that one may slip it from your rear all around your neck and go to sleep while you sit on a train seat for example. There are many nursing pillows as well for new mother, You must read this post to know why do I need a nursing pillow